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At MyStyle Dance School we want everyone who attends to have a fun and enjoyable time! In order for us to ensure this is upheld we have some rules that must be followed!


  • All classes are payable per month on the first week of every month. Only in exceptional circumstances by prior agreement are weekly fees permitted
  • As our costs are fixed, fees remain payable in cases of absence. There are no reductions for sickness or holidays, noting that we close for the whole month of August and the 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year
  • Physical contact maybe necessary when helping to demonstrate or correct
  • Children / students should arrive promptly ready for start of class, correctly dressed and attend classes regularly
  • Children under 16 years old are not allowed to leave the studio unless accompanied by an adult
  • Parents and students must inform the teacher of any injuries before class
  • It is important to drink fluids at regular intervals during physical exercise, please pack water for your child
  • During class, children are expected to listen and we discourage unnecessary talking. If a child is causing disruption, they will be asked to leave their lesson
  • All mobiles phones must be switched off during the dance classes, the only exception being teachers who must keep phones to hand in case of an emergency. It is advisable that parents have the phone numbers of the teachers so they can be contacted should they be running late or have an emergency.
  • MyStyle Dance School reserves the right to change fees or timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible
  • Only once the required standard is attained will students be put forward for examinations and be asked to take part in competitions (including being in the team)
  • MyStyle Dance School does not accept the responsibility for items lost or stolen although anything we do find will be placed in lost property
  • Fees are non-refundable
  • Posting on internet sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc that are abusive or detrimental to MyStyle Dance School will result in dismissal font eh School


  • Parents / Students must inform MyStyle Dance School if they are attending other dance classes or schools as MyStyle Dance School is a registered IDTA Medallist and ADFP / UDO Competitive School. Unfortunately we cannot accept students who are registered with other Schools under these associations. Please ask the teacher for more information and detailed explanation on this.
  • Once students have reached the required standard and start competing in ADFP or UDO competitions/championship days/championship festivals they must be fully committed to attend classes and competition rehearsals
  • All Students (Parents if under 18) wishing to compete must be aware that they are committing to competitions, where they attend a minimum of one a month per style of dance they choose to compete in (competitions are held on Sundays & some weekend festivals)
  • All Competitors must be registered with the relevant Association in which they are attending competitions under (Please see Helen for details)
  • All official rules for each Style/Association are provided online (a hard copy of these can be requested from Helen)
  • Students who are taking part in competitions must make sure tickets for themselves and those attending with them are paid for in advance before the competition day
  • Students who compete must appreciate that they are representing MyStyle Dance School at competitions and we have a reputation to maintain with regards to our behaviour at competitions (not walking across the floor when there is a competition taking place, ensuring we keep out area tidy at all times, ensuring we maintain a friendly, supportive School atmosphere etc)